St. Patrick's day in Lviv 2023

This holiday people in Lviv like to celebrate over 10 ten years. Suddenly kilts, leprikons' red beards you could see at the streets. This year there will no big parties or concerts, but two events had planned in three pubs.

St. Patrick's day quiz

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An intelligent version of the celebration, the game is popularly known as "What? Where? When?". It will have a lot of alcohol, traditions, greenery and, of course, Patrick, Ireland and celebrations. This quiz is a little more difficult than the previous ones from these organizers - it will be interesting for teams of any level: from trained players to beginners, for whom this game will be the first.

Most of the questions will require not only the logical thinking of the team members, but also the knowledge of various alcohols, Ireland can be very useful. The team has up to 8 players. The cost is 100 hryvnias per player. Registration:

Date and time: March 14 (Tuesday), 19:00.

Place: "Re:Bro" pub, Heroiv UPA, str. 73.

The holiday in the pubs

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Truly Ireland atmosphere will create in two pubs. You will spend Friday evening with true Ireland beer, with true Ireland music and celebrate true Ireland holiday.

It will be celebrated in these two pubs at March, 17

  • Drunken Duck (Brativ Rohatyntsiv str., 45)
  • Lviv university of craft beer named St. Christopher (Franka str., 3)

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St. Patrick's day in Lviv 2023
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