8 cozy cafes in Lviv that you must visit




Every cafe and restaurant can offer coffee, but only in a real coffee shop you can try real, fragrant, freshly ground Lviv coffee. We offer you 8 atmospheric and cozy cafes of Lviv, which should be visited by everyone who comes to Lviv.

Coffee shops of Lviv – World of coffee

Svit kavy


“World of coffee” (Svit kavy), having opened its own coffee shop, increased the consumption of quality fresh coffee. Every year, the coffee shop develops: new drinks are introduced to the menu, alternative methods of coffee preparation are introduced, and its own coffee philosophy is developed, which distinguishes the coffee shop from others. Coffee shop baristas are regular participants of the All-Ukrainian Coffee Championships, some of them are certified judges who are part of the judging panels of the championships. Barista Natalia Ostapyuk is the winner of the All-Ukrainian Barista Championships in 2011, 2013 and 2016 and represented Ukraine at the World Barista Championships.

Location: square Cathedral, 6.

Working hours: 8:00-23:00.

Cafes of Lviv – Map


“Map” is a whole world that you can take with you as a reminder and open as a new one for yourself when your soul desires. A cozy coffee shop with a special atmosphere and coffee of its own blend. Guests have three halls at their disposal – a large one on the first floor and an old one in the beer hall. In the warm season, there is a summer playground, from which you can enjoy the view of the old town.

Location: square Rynok, 10.

Working hours: 8:00-22:00.

Coffee shops of Lviv – Lviv coffee manufactory


The Lviv Coffee Factory coffee shop adheres to the idea that coffee is not a drink, it is a culture, and culture should be born and live in a real Lviv atmosphere! Here, the world’s best coffee varieties are roasted and mixed independently, creating not just a drink, but a special inspired elixir of cheerfulness! Adhering to the basic canons of cooking, the Lviv Manufactory treats the senses as well. Every thought and mood that floats in a chain in the heads is a kind of fifth element of the drink.

Location: str. Valova, 16.

Working hours: 8:00-22:00.

Cafes in Lviv – Squirrel



Confectionery cafe “Squirrel” is an original place in the center of Lviv, where you can taste the most delicious sweets and have a good time in a cozy atmosphere. Stylish interior, comfortable furniture, interesting decor elements create a special mood and make every guest feel comfortable. The facility is bright and spacious, and the windows of the cafe offer an extraordinary view of Lviv. Here you want to dream and come back again.

Location: Cathedral Square, 14. Roksolana shopping center, 4th floor.

Working hours: 10:00-22:00.

Cafes in Lviv – Na Bambetli


As regular visitors note, “…here the soul can warm up, relax and open its best chakras…”. One of the highlights of the cafe is the windowsills for sitting and delicious, fragrant coffee, which are loved by many frequent guests of the establishment.

Location: square Rynok, 29.

Working hours: 10-22:00.

Cafes of Lviv – Veronika


Created according to European standards, the “Veronika” pastry shop impresses with its assortment. In the hall, under the glass of the showcase, there is seemingly everything that can be prepared from flour and sugar: bread of various types, cheese and berry cakes (whole and in pieces), cookies and cakes. Everything is the most tender and amazing in taste.

Location: 21 Shevchenko Ave.

Working hours: 9:00-10:00.

Coffee shops of Lviv – Lviv coffee mine

Lʹvivsʹka kopalʹnya kavy


The first and longest coffee shop-bookstore in Ukraine, created over a coffee mine right on Rynok Square. Lviv has long been associated with coffee, and it is the Lviv Coffee Mine that demonstrates and realizes the legend of Lviv coffee itself. This mine also tells the story of the outstanding coffee connoisseur of the world, Yuriy Kulchytskyi, the whole connection of Lviv coffee with the marches of the Turks or promotion in Vienna, the history of the building itself at 10 Rynka – the Lubomyrskyi Palace, as the House of the “PROSVITA” society, and the role of Lviv coffee in the creation of the state of Ukraine. Coffee is extracted here, roasted and prepared for more than 30 types of coffee drinks. Along with the coffee shop and the mine, the bookstore continues to operate, which promotes the distribution and promotion of Ukrainian-language books. Therefore, Lviv useful coffee is the only useful mineral in the world, which is definitely a brand and benchmark of the quality and taste of a modern coffee drink. In addition, being a product of the very bowels of the Lviv lands, it represents an established and true touch to the history of the beginning of many traditions that have spread throughout the world over many years.

Location: square Market 10.

Working hours: 8:00-00:00.

Cafes of Lviv – Under the Golden Star

Apteka-confectionery is a new project of the owners of “Veronika” and “Black Cat”, restaurateurs Andriy and Lesya Ionovy. This is an attempt to combine a restaurant and a pharmacy-museum of Mykolyash. The project should be the first step towards the restoration of “Mykolyas Passage”, which was destroyed during the Second World War. This object is historically interesting. There is no such figure in Lviv before 1939 who would not have been here, including Stanislav Lem, Stepan Bandera, and Pilsudskyi. And today, here you can taste delicious desserts and drink coffee in an elegant atmosphere.

Location: str. Copernicus, 1.

Working hours: 9:00-23:00.

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