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8 cozy cafes in Lviv that you must visit

Every cafe and restaurant can offer coffee, but only in a real coffee shop you can try real, fragrant, freshly ground Lviv coffee. We offer you 8 atmospheric and cozy cafes of Lviv, which should be visited by everyone who comes to Lviv.
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Where to drink beer in Lviv – the best pubs in the city center

Lviv is famous for its delicious local beer, which is loved by both residents and guests of the city.
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How to find job for veterans and persons with disabilities due to war

How to find a job for veterans and persons with disabilities due to war?

For combatants and people with war-related disabilities, finding a job can be a real challenge. However, there are several government programs, grants, and online tools that are designed to facilitate this process and help this category of citizens reintegrate into civilian life. Don’t know how to find a job? We offer you a selection of useful links from the State Employment Service for combatants and persons with war-related disabilities.
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Куди піти на вихідні у Львові 18-19 травня?

Where to go on the weekend in Lviv on May 18-19?

How is your Monday? We hope that you have successfully entered the workflow. To make it easier for you to wait for the weekend, we offer a selection of interesting events where you can spend the weekend in Lviv on May 18-19. Take pens, paper and write down!
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Інтелектуальна гра “Розстріляне Відродження” у Львові

Intellectual game “Executed Renaissance” in Lviv

Do you want to demonstrate your knowledge of Ukrainian history and culture? Perhaps you have long wanted to remember your school past? Everyone who wants to have a great opportunity to do it! The intellectual game “Executed Renaissance” in Lviv will definitely appeal to fans of quizzes and quizzes. Are you interested? Then gather your friends into a team and let’s win!
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Курс першої домедичної допомоги у Львові

First aid course in Lviv

What should a home first aid kit have? How to act in case of injury? How to apply a tourniquet? In wartime, not only medics and military personnel, but also civilians must be able to provide high-quality and efficient first aid, as it is impossible to predict who will need it. That is why, do not miss the opportunity to attend a first aid course in Lviv, where you will learn how to act in the event of an emergency.
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Куди піти на вихідні у Львові 4-5 травня?

Where to go on the weekend in Lviv on May 4-5?

New week — new events! This weekend will be special because May 5th is Easter! This means that this weekend in Lviv is not only interesting but also festive. Especially for you, we have prepared a selection of events that you can visit on April 4 and 5.
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Cars for less than $10,000 in Ukraine: a profitable choice

When you’re in the market for cars for less than $10,000 in Ukraine, it’s essential to focus on models known for their durability and cost-effectiveness.
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День матері 2024 у Львові

Mother’s Day 2024 in Lviv: where to go for the holiday

For many, the mother is the closest and dearest person in the world. She can be both a supporter, a mentor, and a friend. So it is not surprising that there is a holiday in honor of such an important person – Mother’s Day. This is a great reason to express your love and gratitude to your dearest person. This year, on Mother’s Day 2024 in Lviv, you will be able to attend the most diverse events that will definitely be etched in your memory.
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Благодійний вінтажний фестиваль у Львові

Charity vintage festival with books and coffee in Lviv

Are you tired of the gray routine and want to change the environment? Then there is an offer to combine the interesting with the useful: a charitable vintage festival will be held in Lviv, where you can not only delight yourself with new trinkets that are even older than you but also enjoy goodies. Are you interested? Then let’s buy tickets and plan a cool weekend!
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Благодійний Передвеликодній Тлум&Крам у Львові

Charity Pre-Easter Tlum&Kram in Lviv

Lately the weather has been as beautiful as ever. Sunshine, birds, stylish sneakers all around – what could be better? However, something could be better, namely the Pre-Easter Tlum&Kram in Lviv!
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