8 healthy food establishments in Lviv




Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are becoming more and more popular every day. Along with this, the number of healthy food establishments and vegetarian cafes is increasing in our city of Lviv, which we will tell you about in this article.

Vegetarian art cafe “Green”

Green is the color of life. Apparently, the owners were primarily guided by this association when thinking about the concept of the cafe. The cafe holds regular master classes on healthy lifestyle and nutrition with the participation of opinion leaders in the field of vegetarianism: athletes, actors, restaurateurs, bloggers and other interesting personalities who share delicious recipes and life experiences of vegetarians. In the art space of the cafe, famous Lviv musicians organize relaxation parties, where you will immerse yourself in the amazing sounds of ancient mantras and magical music. Green also has children’s workshops and art therapy sessions for the whole family. The menu of the Green vegetarian cafe is a combination of traditional dishes of the peoples of the world with the chef’s signature dishes. It features vegetarian, vegan, raw food, gluten-free dishes and sugar-free sweets.

Location: str. Brativ Rohatyntsiv, 5.


Vegetarian cafe “Om nom nom”

The goal of this institution is to change the quality of life. The menu of the restaurant “Om nom nom” includes salads, hot dogs and burgers with soy meat and tofu and various rolls. Fresh smoothies and smoothies are also featured, as well as coffee with a choice of peanut, coconut, hazelnut, almond or poppy milk.

Location: str. Roman, 10.


Healthy food restaurant “Power Food”

Power food – the first healthy food restaurant in Lviv. The chefs have developed a unique menu taking into account the number of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, you can have a good time, tasting a variety of dishes and drinks, developed according to a special healthy recipe.

Location: str. Porokhova 20.


Healthy food cafe “Smakolyk”

The goal pursued by the establishment is that each product preserves its characteristics as much as possible: taste, aroma, texture. “Smakolyk” will help you take care of your well-balanced diet – calculated calories of each dish. The minimal amount of spices, salt and pepper emphasize a particularly natural and natural taste.

Location: str. Mikhalchuk, 5.


Fast food of healthy food “Be healthy!”

The specialty of the establishment is that you can order food delivery through a smartphone application. The menu includes salads, soups, rolls, smoothies and burgers. You can also start your day with a tasty and healthy breakfast offered at the establishment: homemade cheese with fruit, granola, “fitness” sweets and “Champion’s Breakfast”.

Location: st. Nyzhankivskogo, 7.


Salat restaurant

The first salad bar in Lviv, which is located in Kryva Lypa road, offers the visitor to taste delicious salads and pasta. This small two-story establishment, with a pleasant interior and pleasant staff, always serves delicious dishes that you can also take with you.

Location: drive Kryva Lypa, 7.


Cafe “Sukor”

Cafe Sugar

Cafe “Sukor”is different from the usual establishments in Lviv – it is not a coffee shop or a restaurant in the classical sense. People who are friends with each other outside of working hours work in Cafe “Sukor”, and guests are greeted as old acquaintances – with smiles and sincere hospitality. The restaurant’s menu includes burgers, salads, fries and toasts. The main feature of the establishment is breakfast all day. At any time, you can order a delicious breakfast with waffles, bacon, toast or whatever you like. And the breakfast portions will pleasantly surprise you.

Location: st. Kryva Lypa, 3.


Salad bar “Tomatina”

The main motto of the healthy food restaurant “Tomatina” is to prepare healthy and tasty food from selected fresh ingredients. Most recipes for healthy meals are borrowed from Mediterranean cuisine. The healthy food restaurant “Tomatina” offers everyone who cares about their health and figure to taste delicious and healthy dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant’s menu includes delicious fresh salads, pasta salads, soups, fresh sandwiches and healthy drinks. In order to enjoy dietary and fitness food every day, it is not at all necessary to visit a restaurant – Tomatina delivers food all over Lviv.

Location: Victoria Gardens shopping center and King Cross shopping center.


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