Blood Donor Day at UCU Medical Clinic in Lviv

Unfortunately, the need for blood has increased significantly because of the war. For doctors to save lives, each of us needs to make maximum efforts and donate blood periodically. If you’ve been wanting to become a donor and help those in need, be sure to join the Blood Donor Day at the UCU Medical Clinic.

More details about the Blood Donor Day at UCU

In Lviv, an event called Red Brunch will be held on Donor Day, organized by the Yanina Sokolova Foundation together with the UCU Medical Clinic. Here you will not only be able to donate precious blood for the military and civilians, but you will also receive a lot of positive emotions from:

  • A friendly atmosphere and pleasant networking
  • Delicious treats from GastroFamily – Dima Borysov’s Family of Restaurants
  • Pleasant gifts

When: June 11, 2024, from 9:00 am

Where: UCU Medical Clinic (24 Panasa Myrnoho St.)

Registration: via this link

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