Autumn festivals in Lviv




Because of the war, few festivals in Lviv will not take place or will change its format. “Lviv Poster” has created a list of autumn festivals in Lviv in 2023, which has been announced or those that are already being prepared and officially confirmed.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Very tasty festival


Date: September 2-3 (13:00-21:30)

Location: UPA Heroiv Street, 73 (“Daily Dose” backyard)

Free entrance

This is the fourth “Very tasty festival” this year. However, in terms of volume, it is more like a small festival or even a small gastronomic holiday in the IT residents’ quarter. However, there is a considerable accumulation of charms here:

10 food stations from Daily Dose, Fat Dragon, Zwin, SHOco and other restauruns, coffeeshops

cocktails and wine;

zone of children’s workshops;

live music by street musicians;


Autumn festivals in Lviv – Local Farmer Fest

Date: September 9-10

Location: Park of Culture and Recreation named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Free entrance

The first big autumn festival. And its theme is quite suitable for this season – the harvest. About 100 local producers and farmers will bring you a piece of their authenticity – their own craft product, grown despite everything. Also waiting for you and your little one:

  • a food court where dishes will be prepared using local farm products;
  • master classes and lectures on gastronomic topics;
  • market of brands and artisans;
  • an entertainment area for children;
  • watching very tasty movies in the open air.

And the festival will close with a concert by the band “Kazka”, which will play on the 10th at 19:00.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Melpomene of Tavria


Date: September 8-16

Location: city theaters

This is a well-known festival among theatergoers of Ukraine, which has been held in Kherson for more than two decades. Because of the war, it is being organized, although in different cities, including Lviv. Therefore, several theaters will show noteworthy plays, mostly premieres. As part of this festival, you will watch “Zaporozhets cross the Danube” at the Opera Theatre and the new play “I’m sorry that I haven’t grown up yet” by the amateur theater operating in the Hotkevich Palace.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Cheese and Wine Festival


Date: September 15-17

Location: Palace of Arts

Ticketed entry

The well-known gastronomic event in Lviv will once again gather cheese and wine producers in the format of a fair and tastings. The charity fair invites the best winemaking experts, farm owners, professional sommeliers, so that every guest can taste exquisite wine, delicious cheese and spend time in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The event will raise funds for drones for the 80th separate amphibious assault brigade of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 125 separate territorial defense brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Contrasts


Date: September 29th-October 8th

Location: Lviv National Philharmony named after Myroslav Skoryk

Another long-standing international festival that will be held live and online. “Contrasts” have been held annually since 1995. It popularize modern Ukrainian music of various genres, with priority given to classical music.

The 29th consecutive festival will take place at the Lviv National Philharmony named after Myroslav Skoryk. The bands from Poland, Germany will play here.

As we know from the program, every evening from September 29 to October 8, audience in Philharmonic hall will listen modern academic music. It will be performed by Lviv musicians, as well as invited ensembles from Kyiv, Poland and Germany.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Forum of publishers

Date: October 4-8

Location: Powder tower

Free entrance

It has been officially called Bookforum for several years. But for Lviv citizens, it is still the Forum of Publishers, it hard to imagine autumn events in the city without this. Last year it was a meeting of intellectuals online and live, but now the trade in book novelties is also returning.

The anniversary BookForum will be held in a mixed format: live and online. The Ukrainian-language broadcast of the events will be available on the website. In English and Spanish – on the website of the Hay Festival (Great Britain), one of the largest literary festivals in Europe, which is a partner of our forum for the second time.

Every year Lviv BookForum chooses a focal topic around which the discussion life of the festival unfolds. This year it is the “Census of the Future”. Writers, intellectuals and cultural figures will talk about the future, in which Ukraine is a strong independent subject of the political world, and every Ukrainian feels its influence on his own life and that of others.

The main program of the 30th Lviv BookForum includes more than 30 events. There will be discussion panels, a children’s program, a traditional Night of Poetry and Music, a publishers’ program, conversations dedicated to honoring the memory and work of Ukrainian writers Victoria Amelina and Volodymyr Vakulenko, who died in the war.

For the first time, the book fair will host Ukrainian publishers alongside the Powder Tower Center for Architecture, Design and Urbanism.

Autumn festivals in Lviv – Golden Lion

Date: October 5-10

Location: theaters and city streets

The beginnings of the “Golden Lion” festival date back to 1989. Since then, it has become an international event and has been associated with free performances and open-air events in the square in front of the Opera theater. The date has already been announced on the official website of the event, but the program is still being prepared.

And on the Facebook page of the main organizer of the festival, “Resurrection” theater has reported that this year there were a lot of applications from potential participants.

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