Where to go on the weekend in Lviv on May 18-19?

How is your Monday? We hope that you have successfully entered the workflow. To make it easier for you to wait for the weekend, we offer a selection of interesting events where you can spend the weekend in Lviv on May 18-19. Take pens, paper and write down!

Comedy “Freddy, or Who Killed the Baroness?”

Let’s start our selection of events for the weekend in Lviv with the comedy show “Freddy, or Who Killed the Baroness?”. This Saturday you will be able to see Alla Fedoryshina’s production based on R. Thomm’s “Freddie” — a classic French comedy with elements of social satire.

Briefly about the plot:

“Love, intrigue, money… And murder…

What you will not do for the sake of PR.

The main character is a talented clown and circus owner on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to save his beloved child, he dared to confess to a crime he did not commit…”

An exciting plot, incredible acting, bright costumes, and choreography by Oleksiy Busko await you.

When: May 18, 2024, 6:00 p.m

Where: Voskresinnia Theater (General Grigorenka Square, 5)

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

Presentation of the book “A Brief History of Misogyny”

In order for our society to actively develop, it is necessary to eradicate intolerance, discrimination, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. The event that we will talk about is dedicated to the last concept – misogyny.

If you have long wanted to understand when and how hatred of women originated, as well as how it was strengthened over the centuries, then you should come to the presentation of the book “A Brief History of Misogyny”.

In addition to the fact that anyone who wishes will be able to purchase this book, invited speakers will help to understand this phenomenon in more detail. The topic of their discussion is: “From where to count and how to measure the onset of the post-misogyny era?”

Briefly about the speaker:

  • Marta Chumalo is a gender expert and co-founder of the Center for Women’s Perspectives;
  • Khrystyna Kit is a lawyer, head of the Association of Women Lawyers of Ukraine “YurFem”;
  • Olga Yashchenko is the director of the “Feminist Workshop” organization.

The conversation will be moderated by Marko Suprun, creative editor of ARC.YUE publishing house and The Arc magazine.

When: May 18, 2024, 3:00 p.m

Where: City History Center (Lviv, 6/2 Akademika Bogomoletsa St.)

Entrance: free with prior registration

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Two-day course “First aid in emergencies and conditions of war”

Have you been planning to take a first aid course for a long time, but kept putting it off? When, if not now, to implement your plans? On May 18 and 19, a two-day course “First Aid in emergencies and conditions of War” will be held by САВ.

Course topics:

1) rules for inspecting the scene of the incident; rules for observing one’s safety when providing pre-medical care;
2) carrying out an initial examination of the patient/victim;
3) methods of assessing signs of life in victims with sudden circulatory arrest;
4) rules of communication with rescue services;
5) the algorithm for cardiopulmonary resuscitation in victims of different age groups;
6) the algorithm for conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation using an automatic external defibrillator in victims of different age groups;
7) features of cardiopulmonary examination
signs of obstruction of the upper respiratory tract (suffocation);
9) the algorithm for restoring the patency of the respiratory tract in victims of different age groups in case of strangulation;
10) recognition of signs of massive external bleeding;
11) recognition of signs of internal bleeding;
12) algorithm for stopping massive external bleeding;
13) algorithm for providing pre-medical care in case of suspicion of internal bleeding;
14) compliance with the rules of personal safety during the stoppage of massive external bleeding;
15) an algorithm for restoring and maintaining airway patency in patients/victims of different age groups;
16) algorithm for providing first aid for burns and frostbite;
17) algorithm for providing first aid in case of electric shock;
18) algorithm for providing pre-medical assistance in case of poisoning by an unknown substance;
19) help with acute allergic reactions;
20) algorithms for providing pre-medical care for injuries of individual anatomical areas;
21) algorithm for sorting victims in mass cases;
22) features of providing assistance in case of highly dangerous emergency situations and conditions of war.
23) basic methods of evacuation;
24) simulation tasks – providing assistance in conditions close to reality (actors, special make-up, artificial blood, special effects);
The course includes comprehensive lunches and coffee breaks (all included in the price). Upon completion of training, everyone will receive a certificate.

When: May 18 and 19, 2024

Where: str. Stryyska, 202, office 706

Cost: UAH 3,000

Registration: at this link

The play “The Storm”

For fans of Shakespeare, there is a great option where to spend the weekend in Lviv. This Sunday, the premiere of the play “The Tempest” based on William Shakespeare’s tragi-comedy of the same name will be held at the National Theater of Maria Zankovetska.

Oksana Dmitrieva, the director of the play, described “The Storm” as follows:

“Shakespeare’s last play is incredibly sad and beautiful. We live in a crazy world where everyone is megalomaniacal. This is a sad tale about the fact that humanity cannot grow up.”

This outstanding premiere was made possible thanks to the cooperation of three leading theaters of Ukraine – the National Theater named after Maria Zankovetska, the Kharkiv Academic Puppet Theater named after V. Afanasyev, and the Kyiv Academic Theater of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnipro.

When: May 19, 2024, 6:30 p.m

Where: National Theater named after Maria Zankovetska

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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