A Crimean language lesson will be held in Lviv at America House Lviv

If you were waiting for a sign from the universe about whether you should start learning the Crimean language, then this is it! Tomorrow, July 2, the Crimean language lesson will be held at America House Lviv, which Esken Zova will teach. What awaits you – read on.

Briefly about the Crimean language lesson in Lviv

What could be better than an educational lesson and delicious treats? Yes, yes, you did not think, it is not about a boring school lesson, but an interesting conversation with the cool storyteller Exen Zova. He will make a short excursion into the life of the Crimean Tatars and their language for you, as well as treat you to delicious sweets!

What awaits you in this lesson:
— where did the Crimean Tatars come from and how to call them correctly;
— how the Crimean Tatar language appeared;
— how the Crimean Tatar language almost disappeared;
— how to read Crimean Tatar;
— how to say hello, address and say thank you in Crimean Tatar
and more.

Please call your friends and schedule the lesson at America House Lviv!

When: July 2, 2024, 6:00 p.m
Where: America House Lviv (Hnatyuka St., 2)
Free entrance

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