MUR returns: the rap musical “You [Romance]” will take place in Lviv

If you were upset that you didn’t have time to see the rap musical “You [Romance]”, or you just want to revisit it, then don’t miss the opportunity to buy tickets for the MUR concert, which will take place this September.

Briefly about the rap musical “You [Romance]”

First, it is worth saying a few words about the MUR project. Its purpose is to spread information about the tragedy of repressed Ukrainian artists and to interest young people in national literature. For this, a team of young creators presented a music album called “You [Romantic]”. Its concept is truly unique: it is a rap musical consisting of 18 tracks connected by a common storyline. The basis of this musical production is the tragic story of the repression of Ukrainian writers of the last century.

This is how its creators talk about the rap musical:

“You [Romance]” sweeps away the dust of time from the names of Khvylovy, Kurbas, Sosyura, Semenko… For the first time, the story of the betrayal of the poet Pavlo Tychyna, Volodymyr Sosyura’s service in the Third Sturmova, the shooting of every second Ukrainian writer in the Slovo House, the suicide of Mykola Khvylovy… Names coming to life on stage, right before your eyes, is an indescribable experience.”

Since the audience sold out of tickets for the premiere of this rap-musical within only 24 hours, the MUR project decided to visit Lviv for the second time. So hurry up and buy tickets in advance!

When: September 21, 2024, 6:30 p.m

Where: !FESTrepublic (24 Staroznesenska St.)

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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