How many lions are there in Lviv?




How many lions are there in Lviv?

According to the last census conducted by enthusiasts ten years ago, there are more than four thousand different images of lions in Lviv. They can be found on the walls of buildings not only in the center, but also on the outskirts – on Shevchenko Street, near Yanivskyi Cemetery, Horodotskaya, Zavodskaya, Zamarstynivskaya, Novy Lviv and Rohatka.

50 winged lions


The largest number of lions is on the building at the corner of Doroshenko Street and Svobody Avenue. This house was built on the site of the former police headquarters, where Zaher-Mazoch was born. Here you can see 50 winged lions.

Horned lions


Creatures with the bodies of lions and human heads are depicted on the building on Knyaz Roman Street. For some reason, the heads of men have horns, but women do not. Researchers believe that these are echoes of certain secret stories that happened in this house, but did not reach our time.


Lions who guard morality


The balcony of the house on Solomiya Krushelnytska Street is held by four Atlanteans. They are interesting because they have lion’s mouths below the waist. It is interesting that the caryatids (female images) that are on the wall of the University of Physical Education also have the same lion’s mouths in the same place.


The oldest lions


Undoubtedly, the oldest surviving lion of Lviv is the lion of Lorentsovich.

The date of its formation near the main gate of the Town Hall is 1589. Apparently, he had a twin brother, but nothing is known about his fate. Next in age are the lions, which were created in 1619 by the sculptor Bernard Dikembosh. For a long time, they were the consoles of the balcony of the Town Hall, which collapsed in 1826.

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