Where can you watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Lviv



Here becomes the first time in the history of football, the World Cup will be held in November-December. Therefore, watching matches will be more comfortable in warm flats or pubs. Looks like that will be planned power outages in Lviv, so you can go from home to a pub at that time. And if there is an air alarm, some pubs are able to work in basements. There are plenty of pubs in Lviv where you can watch football. We offer list up to date as of 2022.



A pub whose name gives an idea of its football entourage and aesthetics.

The founder is a fan of FC “Karpaty” Lviv. There are many visitors are regulars, so watching matches will be in the circle of sports connoisseurs. In addition, there are selection of craft beers that are difficult to find at other pubs in the city.

Address: Dudayeva st., 16



Another pub where all the walls are decorated with football teams’ scarfs, and you can have fun playing table football or watching a match in the biggest room of the establishment. In addition, there are rooms in the basement.

There are many young people among the local audience.

Address: Voronogo st., 13.



A fairly spacious pub with a convenient location on a busy street – ideal for watching football with a large group. Since it was founded more than 10 years ago, it is already well-known among Lviv residents. There are rooms in the semi-basement.

Address: Skoryka st., 18.

The Unitas


If the location of pub doesn’t matter, then you can go to Unitas – another completely football and ancient pub! It situated near between the city center and Railway station. He has been working in a semi-basement for about ten years, next to a cozy square. A large selection of beer (mostly Ukrainian and German) and snacks at reasonable prices.

Address: Kyivska st., 24.



Another cellar pub near the city center. It’s cozy, there is a selection of beer, free tables even on “peak” days and evenings.

Address:Kulisha st., 31.



The pub is known for hosting concerts by well-known musicians from Lviv and other cities. This is due to the large size of not only the hall, but also the bar counter and the terrace in the yard. And there is also a large selection of beer.

Be careful: sometimes it is so crowded that you have to stand up to watch the match.

Address: Kryva Lypa passage, 11.

White lion (Bilyyj Lev)


The “White Lion” establishment has 4 screens and 1 large one with a projector. You can watch football on the first floor and in the basement. To order a table, you need to come to the establishment in person and agree on a pre-order.

Address: Lesya Ukrainka st., 15.

Good friend (Dobryj drug)


The highlight of this pub’s menu is the selection of pizzas. Like its neighbor in this list and location, it has viewing rooms on the first floor and in the basement.

Address: Lesya Ukrainka st., 19.

Lazy dog (Linyvyyj pes)


Several halls with furniture for both large and small companies, 6 plasma TVs – this is absolutely enough for watching matches not only of the World Cup, but also of the Champions League, championships of “football” countries.

They have known about it here for many years.

Address: Krakivska st., 9.


The Irish name and the corresponding style of the pub distinguish it from others with some aristocracy and charm. Where else but in this pub is the best place to watch football with…whiskey?

Address: Virmenska st., 1a.



Another institution with quiet elite charm. Most of the premises are in the basement, where a noisy company can be accommodated even in a separate room. You can watch world football while playing table football. More than 10 years of experience and specialization in whiskey – this is what “Four Friends” is known for.

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