Concert by Les Podervyansky in Lviv

“Life is like disposable dishes, why bother to mock yourself like that?” If you know the author of this quote, then this announcement will likely please you. Ready? A concert by Les Podervyansky will take place in Lviv, where he will perform with a new program!

Who is Les Podervyansky?

Logically, some of you do not know the figure of Les Podervyansky. That is why catch a brief information about him and his work.

Les Podervyansky (real name Alexander Sergeevich Podervyansky) is a Ukrainian artist, writer, and playwright, originally from Kyiv. He is known for his satirical plays, often written with a wide use of profanity. Since the man is actively engaged in various types of art, it is worth considering each of them separately.

Painting: Podervyansky is a representative of the New Wave in Ukrainian art. His works are distinguished by intellectualism, the audacity of the compositional and rhythmic solutions, and multilayered content, and messages.

Plays: Podervyansky wrote more than 50 satirical plays, which became widely known in Ukraine. His plays colorfully depict the problems of modern society, such as Soviet realities, the life of bohemia, interethnic conflicts, and the absurdity of life.

Prose: Podervyansky also authorizes novels, short stories, and essays.

Briefly about the concert

Let’s move on to the most interesting part – Podervyansky’s performance in Lviv. It is better to see this action live than to hear it a hundred times. According to the author, he presents his new works on stage. In addition, fans will be able to listen to classical works by Les Podervyansky in his performance.

Everything will be as always, only better!

That’s how Les Podervyansky described this concert 🙂

When: March 28, 2024, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Palace of Culture of Railway Workers
Tickets: can be purchased via this link

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