Open 5 km race in Lviv

A healthy mind is in a healthy body, right? If you cannot imagine your life without running or if you want to start running, then be sure to register for an open race in Lviv.

Learn more about the open race in Lviv

Runday is an all-Ukrainian movement that unites runners and volunteers intending to involve 1 million Ukrainians in regular runs or walks over a distance of 5 kilometers.

Lviv Runday is an opportunity to take part in a five-kilometer race on the safest and most ecological cross-country track in the city of Lviv.

In addition to the fact that everyone who wants to can take part in the race, you also have the opportunity to try yourself as a volunteer. What has to be done? Catch a list of the main tasks: timing, scanning participants, distributing tokens, taking pictures, and conducting warm-ups.

To join the open race in Lviv, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • register for free at (1 time is enough for all races, even at other locations)
  • print a personal QR code
  • regardless of the weather, mood or any age or fitness restrictions…
  • get to the collection point on time

Event schedule:
8:45 – gathering
8:50 – warm-up
9:00 – start of the race
9:45 – a hitch

When: April 6, 2024, 9:00 a.m

Where: Stryi Park

Registration: at this link

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