Charity Pre-Easter Tlum&Kram in Lviv

Lately the weather has been as beautiful as ever. Sunshine, birds, stylish sneakers all around – what could be better? However, something could be better, namely the Pre-Easter Tlum&Kram in Lviv!

Briefly about the Charity Pre-Easter Tlum&Kram in Lviv

If you thought Tlum&Krum was all about vintage sales, you’d be wrong! This year, an interesting pre-Easter program awaits you, which will help you feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday. First of all, you will learn how the people of Lviv used to celebrate Easter, and which places were the most popular for holding festive activities and rituals.

Here is a short list of interesting things that you can join:

• master classes in classic and modern Easter egg making (choose a pattern for an Easter egg — and create art!)
• singing workshops with freckles and gaivkas (to sing as best as possible, you can learn the most popular gaivkas)
• pre-Easter lecture
• a special program from the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (known as the Shevchenkivsky Grove): thematic film track, lectures and workshops
• expositions of collections of authentic Easter clothes and attributes

Certainly, shopping fans will also find something to occupy themselves and decorate their Easter basket with thematic trinkets. In addition, all the money raised from this event will be sent to EW anti-drone domes for our military.

When: April 20-21, 2024

Where: Palace of Arts (17 Kopernyka St.)

Registration: at this link

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