Where to go in Lviv for the weekend of February 10-11?

Are you ready for the weekend? If not, Poster Lviv will gladly help you with the choice of activities for this weekend, which will charge you the full before the start of the new working week!

Charity tour “Streets where the most paintings in Lviv”

Let’s start with a cool option, how to start the weekend interestingly and with benefits. Architecture historian Tatyana Kazantseva has prepared a fascinating route through the streets of Lviv and stories about them. Here is how the guide herself briefly described the planned event:

“Let’s dive into the world of beauty and love, conceived and realized by two Lviv architects – Andrzej Golomb and August Bogochwalski. On the streets of Verkhratsky, Sevastopol, Kravchuk, and Patriarch Dimitri Yarema, the former Chekhov, they embodied the idea of the style of the 19th-20th century border, saturated with beauty of the smallest details.

It combines the most daring paintings with sea and mountain views, flowers and shells, angels and swallows in the sky, and ornaments in the style of Parisian Art Nouveau, quite unexpected in Lviv”.

Moreover, Tetyana Kazantseva will share the story of the most charming and mysterious house in Lviv! If you are wondering what kind of house we are talking about, then do not hesitate and book tickets for the tour.

By the way, you will not only have a good time and learn a lot about Lviv but also get a plus in karma and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 15% of the ticket price will go to the needs of the military. This is almost the best option where to go in Lviv for the weekend!

When: February 10, 2024 (Saturday), 11:00
Where: the organizers will inform about the meeting place on the eve of the excursion
Registration: registration form here🙂
Tickets: 420 UAH, you can buy here🙂

Master class “Valentine card” for children

Since Valentine’s Day is less than a week, this event is useful for kids. At the master class, children will learn the history of the origin of the holiday, hear about the traditions of celebration in different countries, and also make a three-dimensional postcard in the pop-up technique.

Age of children: 8-11 years
When: February 10, 2024 (from 12:00 to 13:00)
Where: Mirror hall of the department “Potocki Palace.”
Registration: since the number of seats is limited, you need to register in advance by this phone number – 068 966 23 48
Cost: 80 UAH

Master class on creating a necklace from Kosovo ceramics from Elena Mazurok

Now let’s move on to workshops for adults. Olena Mazurok invites everyone to visit her Creative Workshop and try their hand at creating jewelry. The master will talk about the basics and nuances of creating beads. In addition, you will invent your own special and unique necklace design, perform a layout on the board to create jewelry, type your necklace from scratch, and learn how to properly fix the necklace!

Where to go in Lviv for the weekend to fans of jewelry, if not here?

When: February 11, 2024, 14:00
Where: Hutsul Grazhda (Volodymyr the Great Street, 4)
Registration: by this phone number +380 (96) 450 34 80:)

Aesthetic reading in Lviv

This event is a dream of those who cannot imagine their life without books. Aesthetic reading is a place where everyone can share their book preferences with others and read their favorite works aloud. If you want to fully immerse yourself in this entourage, you can choose an image that will complement the book with which you came.

By the way, you can read to the public not only books in Ukrainian but also in English, Polish, German, and French.

And how can you not mention this important initiative: there is an opportunity, if desired, to write down well-read poetry on a cassette player and join the creation of an analog poetic collection, which is spontaneously filled, but constantly stored in the Foreign Library.

When: February 11, 2024, 16:00
Where: Mulyarskaya street, 2A

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