A book about the Revolution of Dignity will be presented in Lviv

The Revolution of Dignity has become one of the key events in the history of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that many facts about the events on Euromaidan are still shrouded in mystery. This topic is actively researched to this day, as evidenced by the presentation of the book on the Revolution of Dignity by Pavlo Romaniuk.

Briefly about Pavel Romanyuk

Pavel Romanyuk is a famous Ukrainian writer, journalist, and public figure. He was born in 1940 in Kosovo in the Hutsul region. By education, he is a specialist in physical culture and a master of sports. He worked in the press and was the correspondent of the influential newspaper Culture and Life. He was actively involved in cultural and linguistic initiatives, in particular, co-founder of the All-Ukrainian Society of the Ukrainian Language.

Roman Pavlyuk is the author of numerous books and publications on the topics of culture, medicine, and law. Winner of literary prizes. At the age of 84, he continues active creative and social activities. Known for the depth of analytics and the tireless desire to create and act in the name of the development of Ukrainian culture. One of his most popular books is “The Gospel of Mary. Prologue of Independence of Ukraine”.

Presentation of the book about the Revolution of Dignity in Lviv – what to expect?

The event promises to be interesting because the book “Revolution of Dignity: Black Mass” really deserves attention. Roman Pavlyuk worked on it for ten years since the beginning of Euromaidan. The presentation of the book falls on the 10th anniversary of these events in Kyiv.

All these years, the author collected details and hidden facts about the Maidan, which got on the pages of his work. In addition, Roman Pavlyuk will talk about the fate and number of heroes of the Revolution of Dignity, secret crimes, and backstage characters.

Interestingly, the book includes photographs of photojournalist Oleksandr Tymoshenko, who took an active part in Euromaidan and even sustained wounds from Berkut.

And finally a nice gift: the presentation of the book about the Revolution of Dignity will be accompanied by delicious coffee from Old Lion Coffee:)

When: February 14, 2024, at 17:00
Where: Lviv Palace of Arts (17 Mykola Copernicus Street)
Admission: free

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