Charity vintage festival with books and coffee in Lviv

Are you tired of the gray routine and want to change the environment? Then there is an offer to combine the interesting with the useful: a charitable vintage festival will be held in Lviv, where you can not only delight yourself with new trinkets that are even older than you but also enjoy goodies. Are you interested? Then let’s buy tickets and plan a cool weekend!

Briefly about the Charity Vintage Festival

This event sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? However, now we will open the veil of secrecy and share the details of this incredible event.

Therefore, Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival periodically arranges so-called festivals, where everyone can buy an interesting book, delicious coffee, or a vintage trinket. This time everything will be no worse than usual. You can expect national coffee championships, coffee shops, and delicacies from all over Ukraine, literary events, a book fair and book fairs with authors, and a market of vintage curiosities and toys for children.

If there are people among you who want to join the event as sellers, you will find registration forms at this link.

What about charity?

The vintage festival is not only about fun but also about charity. The organizers of the event have already repeatedly joined the “24/7 Swarm of Revenge” – a large-scale collection of drones for our defenders. To raise as much money as possible, the Coffee, Books & Vintage Festival will hold auctions in support of this initiative.

Also, anyone willing can bring books, which will later be handed over to a de-occupied village in the Kherson region.

When: May 11-12, 2024

Where: !FESTrepublic, Lviv, str. Staroznesenska 24-26

Tickets: can be purchased at this link

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