In Lviv, the historic metal gate on Snopkivska Street was restored




A historic metal gate was restored at 33 Snopkivska Street in Lviv. This was done as part of the city’s co-financing program, which aims to help residents restore valuable elements of historic buildings.

We are talking about the metal green front door, which specialists took up even before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.


“This door was pretty much destroyed, we had to replace more than 10% of the materials and reforge some of the metal. By the way, these doors are held on metal rivets. The lower part was particularly damaged, with the decor destroyed on one side. In addition, the doors had missing grilles, which had to be made new, because in their place a zinc sheet was simply welded,” said restorer Yaroslav Zubrytskyi.

The restoration of the gate was made possible thanks to the co-financing program coordinated by the LKP “Heritage Bureau” of the Department of Historic Environment Protection.

“The total cost of the works was UAH 49,000. Of them, the city paid 70%, so the residents’ share amounted to UAH 14,700 in their contribution,” said Pavlo Bogajchyk, director of the “Heritage Bureau” LKP.


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