Lviv street clocks



A flowerbed clock, the hands of which ended up in Mukachevo. Clock with beer. Clock of love.

Each of us has our own watch. But on the street, we check the time with these watches.


So, in the 50s of the last century, a flower clock was placed under the wall of the Bernardine Monastery on the side of Mytnaya Square. Although this name is conditional. This is an ordinary large clock, on the dial of which flowers have been planted. He lived here until the seventies. And then it was dismantled. No one knows where the mechanism went. And the hands of the clock somehow ended up in Mukachevo Castle.

In 2010, the clock was restored. He was placed in the same place where he stood the first time. The mechanism for it was made by master Oleksiy Burnaev.


Another interesting clock by the same master can be found on the wall of a building on Hertsena Street.

This watch was not conceived simply as a mechanism. A whole scene from life is played out here. According to the authors’ plan, the girl and the minstrel confess their love to each other for 92 minutes. At first, the customer wanted to see two young men around the clock, who would hit the bells with hammers. Then he wanted to see two young ladies drinking tea here. After some time, they decided to put a young man and a girl with a flute here. And in the end, he settled on the idea of ​​a “love story”. First, the girl and the boy look in different directions. Then he notices her and starts playing the guitar. And she hides behind the fan. But it all ends with the girl giving a rose to an ardent suitor. All this action should take place to the music of Francis Ley from the movie Love Story. Blacksmith Denys Staroman made the girl and the minstrel.


Another of Lviv’s newest street clocks is located on a beer barrel on Svobody Avenue. Yuriy Volodymyrovych Brovar is holding it. The sculpture was made by Volodymyr Tsisaryk. And the mechanism – Oleksiy Burnaev. . Everyone can move the hands of the clock to any position and set the time at their discretion, but in a few minutes the hands will be at their time position. The secret of the “wise clock” is hidden inside the barrel, where an ordinary magnet is used, which attracts the clock hands to their place.

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